Digital Highlights

Digital Highlights ASSD PMS

The web-based ASSD PMS impresses with it’s versatile functionality.

Particularly valued are the digital highlights which offer numerous benefits to our ho(s)telliers and their guests.

Besides the comfortable web check-in that can easily be done from home, there is now also a great self-check-in on site. The guest enters all data via tablet at the ho(s)tel lobby and that data is automatically transferred into the ASSD PMS. That speeds up the check-in process and saves precious time at the front desk.

Another self service contributes to that time saving aspect: the guest generates his own key card for the room at the lobby. Thus he does not depent on the availability of the reception staff and saves time for himself as well as the ho(s)tel staff.

This functionality is only redundant if the guest already arrives with a mobile key – which is also one of the digital highlights of the ASSD PMS.

Online upload of certificates? Easy with the ASSD Hospitality Cloud 3.0!

Smartphone apps like the mobile housekeeping or the app ‘breakfast-list’ make communication between ho(s)tel staff as well as guests and staff a lot easier.

The housekeeping app is a mobile tool for the housekeeping department and in-house technicians. All information on rooms is sent in real-time to or from the ASSD PMS.

No more laborious and tedious checking your guests into the breakfast room. With the new app ‘breakfast-list’ you can now check the guest’s QR code or easily look up his name or room number. Thus, all data is directly and automatically transferred into the system. No staff member has to manually transfer data and the collegues at the front office are always up-to-date.