Panorama-Aufnahme von München symbolisiert Unternehmen ASSD mit Hauptsitz in München


ASSD Hostel and Hotel Management Software is based in Munich, Germany with aditional support and sales offices in Berlin and Oldenburg, Germany and an ASSD sales partner in Barcelona, Spain.

Over the past 30 years, ASSD Hostel and Hotel Management Software has successfully grown in and out of Europe. Over 1,000 hostels and hotels worldwide rely on ASSD software. ASSD has been one of the few global leading providers of hostel and hotel management software for many years now. Andreas Stolz, founder, owner and CEO of ASSD along with his team of highly qualified ASSD staff guarantee superior quality.


  • 1988: Set-up of the first DOS-based ASSD Property Management System
  • 1992: Set-up of the first ASSD PMS financial module
  • 1994: ASSD PMS positions itself as standard software in about 300 Youth Hostels in Germany
  • 1997: First Web-based ASSD Content-Management-System for a German publishing house as well as a e-commerce-portal for a major Austrian clothing company
  • 1998: The mulitlingual ASSD Windows-PMS goes international
  • 1999: ASSD Web Booking Engine for a German hotel group
  • 2000/01: Set-up of the ASSD Web Booking Engine in many hostels and hotels in Germany and Switzerland
  • Since 2002: Distribution of the ASSD PMS all over Europe – more than 600 properties already
  • 2005: First set-up of the ASSD PMS and the Web Booking Engine in the USA
  • 2006: Relaunch of the website and the Web Booking Engine of Hostelling International
  • 2007: Introduction of the ASSD Channel Manager
  • 2010: Set-up of the ASSD Business Intelligence BI – a comprehensive evaluation tool covering past and future data
  • 2011: Relaunch of the ASSD Web Booking Engine CRS2
  • 2012: First Set-up of the ASSD CRS2 Mobile Booking Engine – perfectly optimized mobile booking experience
  • 2012: ASSD Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android
  • 2013: ASSD Book Now Box for Facebook. More information on the ASSD Facebook Page
  • 2014: Cloud based ASSD Property Management System PMS
  • 2015: Transformation into ASSD GmbH (similar to an Ltd)
  • 2017: Launch of the new web-based Property Management System PMS
  • 2018: Introduction of the new Web Booking Engine CRS4
  • 2019: Roll-out of the web-based Property Management System PMS3
  • 2020: More than 50 properties already on web-based PMS3
  • 2020: Mobile Housekeeping
  • 2021: Web Check-In with mobile key
  • 2021: Corona Lock-down accelerates the ho(s)tel’s digitalization, demand for ASSD Hospitality Cloud 3.0 speeds up enormously
  • 2022: Digital Check-in: guest self-registration via tablet in hotel lobby
  • 2022: Self service – guests generating key cards at the lobby
  • 2023: Prototype Check-In Direct; further 300 migrations to PMS 3
  • 2024: More than 500 migrations and installations of the web-based ASSD PMS 3