Cloud TSE


In Germany, there is a fiscal regulation concerning cash registers. It started back in January 2020 and says that all registers have to be connected to a so-called TSE.

From Summer 2024 on, ASSD is going to offer a Cloud TSE additionally to the existing solution with a certified TSE hardware device by Epson.


  • Much faster (no self-tests and backups, that slow down the operations for many minutes)
  • No hardware problems anymore
  • VPN is not needed
  • Set-up and full support by ASSD
  • No set-up fees
  • Additional hardware like TSE Server is not needed


  • 10 Euro per cash register and month

Order deadline:

  • 31.05.2024

To guarantee your access to the ASSD Cloud TSE in 2024, we kindly ask you to place your order until the end of May. Please send your email to Andreas Stolz: a.stolz[at]