New: ASSD Training Center on YouTube

ASSD Training Center auf YouTube

Whether it is about first steps within the ASSD PMS, the application of new features or to find out about unknown and useful short-cuts: a visual illustration faciliates the understanding and realisation in the own ASSD Property Management System enormously. 

As such the new ASSD Training Center on YouTube is a useful supplement to the initial trainings, it shows and explains the handling of new features and helps to get them implemented. Plus, it offers an additional approach for new front desk staff to become acquainted with the ASSD Ho(s)tel Management Software.  

We will kick off with four videos in our Training Center and are going to offer a further how-to-video every Friday. By subscribing to our ASSD YouTube Channel you will definitely not miss out on our new entries.

We start the ASSD Training Center with the following subjects:

  • ASSD First Steps Reservation 
  • ASSD First Steps Quick Reservation
  • ASSD Dayview Calendar Room Plan Part I – General Information
  • ASSD Tokenization of Credit Card Numbers

To focus on the relevant thematic areas you may use the playlists within the ASSD YouTube Channel, for example “New Features” or “Reservation”.

The best thing to do right now: visit and subscribe to our ASSD YouTube Channel. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

And keep in mind: Friday is ASSD release-day. Stay tuned!