Case Study – a&o Hostels

a&o successfully switch all of their 40 hostels to the web-based ASSD PMS 3.

ASSD Case Study on a&o Hostels
ASSD Case Study on a&o’s migration to the web-based ASSD PMS3

Within only a few months a&o hostels have switched all of their 40 hostels in 23 cities and 9 European countries to the web-based ASSD Hospitality Cloud 3.0.

Sven Pflüger, Head Supervisor PMS at a&o Hostels says: “A minimum disturbance of the everyday operations and thus for our guests was extremely important to us regarding the migrations.”

And Phillip Winter, chief marketing officer at a&o Hostels sums up the software switch in three words: “speedy, smooth and trendsetting”.

It’s best to read for yourself: here is the link to the detailed case study on a&o’s switch from the windows-based to the web-based