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This pages takes you to additional product information, documents, manuals and up-to-date downloads of the ASSD Hostel and Hotel Management Software . Important information about the installation process and user login: You need to register first. After you have registered you will receive your password within the next days via e-mail.

  • Installation Version 2.12 (demo expires 1 July 2020): ASSD PMS runs only under Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Server 2016, 2012, 2008. Simply run the download and confirm security warnings.
  • Run and Login: Sign on to our program with user “30” and password “30”. This version expires 1 July 2020  unless you buy it. Important note: After login to our program you will find some information screens first.

New Features

Current Versions

Installation: readme.txt (please click here)

  • Full Version 2.12: assd212e.exe (21 MB) (not customized, shows all features even usually not used simultaneously)
  • US Lite Version 2.12: us212.exe (22 MB) (customized version, meal plan and activities disabled, simple end of shift) User 10, Pw 10 (Staff), User 20 Pw 20 (Manager)

Important Update Notes (please read this): update.txt

User Manuals

User manual (included as help file above):

Legacy Updates

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