ASSD Business Intelligence BI

Business Intelligence

No way that there is no way - everything is possible! Whatever information you need, it is available instantly by mouse click!

The ASSD Business Intelligence BI creates any analysis you like. The dynamic of the BI does not require any order of selections. While generating your statistics you might realize that you need addtitonal information on a certain period, a specific customer, guest nationality, meal arrangements, any other flexible filter criteria or you simply would like to drill down more details. The unlimited filter functionality of the ASSD Business Intelligence BI serves you with any information imaginable. For future quick access bookmark your most interesting criteria while you are browsing your data. ASSD BI visualizes your data and shows all existing field content giving you a stubstantial added value over traditional reports.

ASSD BI dashboard

ASSD Business Intelligence BI provides you with a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to analyze multiple property data and to compare different periods, past and future. Create forecasts using last year´s advance booking figures to estimate future pickup. Use the ASSD BI for clever yielding based on comparison of occupancy and forecast with last year´s figures. Fourteen different analysis sheets are available with the flexibility to create also your own views and charts. Additionally the ASSD BI gives you valuable information on your competitors´rates.


  • Dashboard
    ASSD Business Intelligence BI Screenshot
  • Forecast and Pickup
  • Occupancy
  • Conversion and Cancellation Rates
  • Customer Analysis
  • Lead Booking Times
    ASSD Business Intelligence BI - Chart Booking Time Comparison
  • Agent Allotments
  • Segment and Channel Analysis
  • Competitor Rates
    ASSD Business Intelligence BI Chart Competitor Rates

Key Features

  • Rapid and flexible analysis
  • Reliable data. No inexplicable data differences anymore
  • Attractive representation of data. Outstanding charts and graphics give perfect overview of data
    ASSD Business Intelligence BI - Chart and Graphics
  • Comfortable import and export
    – Data import out of different systems, not limited to the PMS in use
    – Export to Excel by mouse click
  • Individually adjustable


Necessary prerequisite for the ASSD Business Intelligence BI is the use of the ASSD Property Management System PMS.


  • Per user: 1.955,00 €
  • Maintenance fee per year: 20 %

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