Customer Relationship Management CRM

ASSD PMS Feature: Customer Relationship Management CRM Professional customer care goes far beyond the mere on-site service to guests staying at your ho(s)tel. It is a key marketing tool and the ASSD Customer Relationship Management CRM supports you perfectly in optimizing guest satisfaction, increasing turnover and reducing operational costs. Realize your full potential concerning customer […]


aletto Hotel Kudamm

Hardenbergstraße 21| 10623 Berlin | +49 (0)30-233214100

Wandering through the aletto Kudamm is like going on a wonderful expedition of discovery with an outstanding highlight to be found on top. This unique topping is the roof of the ho(s)tel – a place worth to be bucket listed.


PLUS Ho(s)tel Berlin

Warschauer Platz 6 – 8 | 10245 Berlin | +49 (0) 30-2123 8501

WOW! This really describes the first impression of the PLUS Ho(s)tel Berlin best. At second and third glance it simply remains a WOW. Wow PLUS Wow! The imposing brick facade is as striking as the inside of the building.


City Hostel Berlin

Glinkastr. 5-7 | 10117 Berlin | +49 (0) 30-23 88 66 850

Just around the corner – that´s the best way to characterize the CITY HOSTEL BERLIN. Located in the heart of Berlin, in the district Mitte, it is just around the corner of almost everything. The famous boulevard “Unter den Linden” and the Brandenburger Tor? Just around the corner! The Holocaust Memorial? Just around the corner! Reichstag and Bundeskanzleramt? Just around the corner!


Amstel House Hostel Berlin

Waldenserstrasse 31 | 10551 Berlin | +49 (0) 30-395 40 72

You will find the Amstel House Hostel in the centre of Moabit, one of Berlins booming districts. Long known for its famous prison only, Moabit is now a soon-to-be-most-favourite-neighbourhood :-). Quite right, as Moabit still represents a lot of what Berlin is known for, I would even guess that you will breathe true Berlin Air here (“die Berliner Luft” – very famous because of a song by Paul Lincke in 1904). …