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Industriepalast Hostel Berlin

Industrial Palace, that´s what the hostels’s name means and also what it looks like.


aletto Hotel Kudamm

Hardenbergstraße 21| 10623 Berlin | +49 (0)30-233214100

Wandering through the aletto Kudamm is like going on a wonderful expedition of discovery with an outstanding highlight to be found on top. This unique topping is the roof of the ho(s)tel – a place worth to be bucket listed.


PLUS Ho(s)tel Berlin

Warschauer Platz 6 – 8 | 10245 Berlin | +49 (0) 30-2123 8501

WOW! This really describes the first impression of the PLUS Ho(s)tel Berlin best. At second and third glance it simply remains a WOW. Wow PLUS Wow! The imposing brick facade is as striking as the inside of the building.


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