ASSD Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Organizes automatically all interaction with your various booking channels

The ASSD Channel Manager does the job – automatically, clever, round the clock!
Channel Manager Back End


  • Rates and availability: The ASSD Channel Manager allows the individual choice of sending changing rate and availability information automatically to the various booking channels.
  • Saves ressources: No need to manually updating varying availability or rate information – the Channel Manager does it automatically for you.
  • Automatic real-time and two-way data transfer: The Channel Manager transfers collected data to your windows-based PMS automatically.
  • Yield Management: Built-in yield management provides perfect rates at any time and optimizes availability.
  • Easy to use: A clearly designed dialog box simplifies data maintenance.



  • Central administration of availability and rates
  • Individual standards and products per booking channel
  • Automatic update in real-time
  • Central import of all bookings
  • Interface to the ASSD Hostel Management Software PMS
  • 37 Channels available (new channels on request)

Hostel and hotel booking channels

  • Hostelworld Interface –
  • Hostelsclub Interface –
  • Airbnb Interface –
  • Instant World Booking Interface –
  • Online Hotel reservations Interface –
  • HRS Hotel Reservation Service Interface –
  • Agoda Interface –
  • Interface –
  • Expedia Interface –
  • Hotelbeds Interface –
  • Last Minute Interface –
  • Ostrovok Interface –
  • Sabre Interface –
  • TomasTravel/ Visit Berlin Interface –
  • Hotusa Interface –
  • Keytel Interface –
  • Beds4Travel Interface –
  • Pitchup Interface –
  • Interface –
  • Welcomebeds Interface –
  • hostelpass Interface –
  • HostelCulture Interface –
  • GTA Travel Interface
  • Interface
  • TravelRepublic Interface
  • Interface
  • Booking Expert Interface
  • Swiss Travel Center Interface
  • Hostelscombined Interface
  • Feratel Interface
  • Interface
  • HotelSpecials Interface
  • etc.


Channel Manager

  • Monthly charge per ho(s)tel and channel (Minimum 10 channels): 20,00 €
  • Initial set-up per ho(s)tel: 720,00 €

Options for new channels

The ASSD Channel Manager connecting to 30+ popular booking channels is used by more than 300 large properties worldwide. ASSD receives almost daily requests from new channels asking for integration. Two options for new channels to become included.

  • Option 1: Channels – very important to many ASSD customers New large channels are included in the ASSD channel manager by ASSD’s decision considering the existing popularity of the channel among ASSD customers and the expected booking volume. ASSD implements the channel’s interface according to the channel’s specifications. ASSD customers pay a monthly fee of 20 EUR per month and channel. They have got a free choice which channels (from the list of integrated channels) they want to be connected to. For single properties usually a minimum number of channels applies. Large ASSD customers may have different bulk agreements. As a result ASSD customers decide carefully to which channels they want to be connected to. Low performing channels are dropped quickly by properties.
  • Option 2: Small and New Channels Offer For this option usually the channel is supposed to implement a standardized ASSD interface. There is a one-time, non-refundable connection fee of 8,500 EUR payable to ASSD. ASSD provides interface documentation, testing capabilities and support during the implementation phase for the channel.
    To make the new channel more attractive for existing ASSD channel manager customers, this option has got an alternative pricing model. Instead of the property paying a monthly flat fee of 20 EUR, ASSD will charge the channel 1% of the gross booking revenue (without taking into consideration no-shows or cancellations). There will be no additional charges for the property. Channels are free to opt for the flat-fee 20 EUR model instead the 1% at any time (only for all properties connected).
    Channels that are connected via this option can be used by all ASSD CM properties free of charge if the property wants to include them and takes care of the setup. ASSD will provide the channel with a list of all ASSD CM properties (subject to an NDA).

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