Youth Hostel Nuremberg

Youth Hostel Nuremberg

Face to Face with the Youth Hostel Nuremberg | Burg 2 | 90403 Nürnberg | +49 (0) 911 230936-0

Youthhostel Nuremberg entry

At the Youth Hostel Nuremberg childhood dreams come true as you are staying in parts of a wonderful medieval castle. The former Imperial Stables were turned into a “Culture and Sight Youth Hostel”. These attributes already reveal a little of what you may expect: the view from the hostel as well as the hostel itself are absolutely stunning. Of course you don’t have to do without todays comfort, the hostel was completely redone in 2013 and all rooms, premises and equipments are more than modern state-of-the-art. Have a look for example at this spacious maisonette apartment with double (upstairs) and bunk beds (downstairs):

Youthhostel Nürnberg Double

Double Room within Maisonette Apartment

Youthhostel Nürnberg bunk beds

Bunk beds within Maisonette Apartment

And most of the rooms kept some historic relics like a couple of amazing columns in this dorm:

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Room with column

Below you will see examples of what the floors and halls inside this amazing castle-hostel look like:

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Floor  Youth Hostel Nuremberg Floor 2  Youth Hostel Nuremberg Hall with Pillars

And voilà – this is the view out of the castle’s windows. Quite a room with a view I would say!

Youth Hostel Nuremberg - Room with a view   Youth Hostel Nuremberg View

Besides great rooms and views the Youth Hostel Nuremberg has a lot more interesting venues and equipments to offer. For example their very special “home cinema” where teachers can choose from lectures or presentations on topics related to Nuremberg and Germany’s history, for example the Nuremberg Rally or the Race Laws or Human Rights.  Everything in this room works fully automatically, thanks to modern and easy to operate technology: darken the room, take in or out the screens and choose the films simply on a touch-screen. It is indeed as easy as this. Very impressive and highly recommendable!

Youth Hostel Nürnberg Cinema

Something else you will find all over the castle’s interior: various QR codes. Like the one on Anton Tucher shown below. The Tucher were a very important patrician family in Nuremberg dating back to the 14th century. By scanning the QR code with your mobile you can download an app that tells you all about the referring subject. Very interesting. While staying in Nuremberg you maybe come across a Tucher beer and then learn via the QR app how that came about. Give it a try!

Youth Hostel Nuremberg QR Codes

The Youth Hostel Nuremberg is also the perfect choice if you organize a large event, the venues are perfect. Even our Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a reception on the occasion of a Civil Dialogue at the Nuremberg Castle in 2015. It was held in the Youth Hostel’s wonderful “Eppelein Saal”:

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Eppelein Saal

Eppelein Saal

Just have a look round the Youth Hostel and you will most certainly find a QR app that tells you all about knight Eppelein :-). Because I couldn’t tell you about him as well and humerous as Sigrid Natterer did. She is the Youth Hostel’s Manager (doing a fantastic job) and gave me a perfect tour of her wonderful castle. Here she is in front of the door that leads from the terrace – with a marvellous view again – into the Eppelein Saal:

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Sigrid Natterer

Lovely Sigrid Natterer, hostel manager

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Outside

Something else that entirely fascinated me were the different angles and perspectives on stairs within the castle. There are these historical stairs for example that were discovered during renovation (pic 1). Then there is this beautiful old flight of stairs (pic 2) and finally (pic 3) my favourite perspective down floor 9, into the eye of the staircase.

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Historical Stairs   Youth Hostel Nuremberg Staircase   Youth Hostel Nuremberg Treppenauge

Last but not least I inspected the fabulous beergarden, where you can also enjoy breakfast or diner. That is such a cosy place for having a cup of coffee and feeling like a “Ritterfräulein” (that’s German for damsel but I have to say that I much prefer the German word):

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Terrace

It was not really easy to return to reality and leave. But I finally had to say Good-bye to one of the most majestic and manorial youth hostels I have ever seen. Thank you SO MUCH, Frau Natterer, for the very nice meeting and the interesting tour – I will most certainly come back!

Thank you as well to the entire team of the Youth Hostel Nuremberg and to Daniel Pamin working at that very moment with the ASSD Software 🙂 – Danke und bis bald!

Youth Hostel Nuremberg Reception







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