Happy Bed Hostel Berlin

Happy Bed Hostel Berlin

Face to Face with the HAPPY BED HOSTEL | Hallesches Ufer 30 | 10963 Berlin | +49 (0)30 7933647


Happy Bed Hostel Trabi

Arriving at the HAPPY BED HOSTEL one cannot enter the building straight away without having a second look at that beautiful red Happy-Bed-Trabi that welcomes every guest right in front of the hostel. Even in Berlin you don’t see this sort of car too often nowadays, neither it’s brother, the old “Wartburg”. Even better to have such a Beauty-Trabi in front of your hosts, which makes you feel HAPPY for the first time.


Entering the hostel at last and meeting some of the nicest people of Berlin makes you HAPPY for the second time. We had the pleasure to spend a little time with Hostelmanager Jana Schleske as well as Happy Bed’s Reservations Manager Andy Steikowski:


Jana Schleske & Andy Steikowski

Not only did they show us round the hostel, they also told us a bit about HAPPY BED’s history. They feel absolutely at the right place with their hostel now after having spent a couple of years in Steglitz before. At Hallesches Ufer, they are in the middle of the very popular district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg where everything is within one’s reach. Famous Potsdamer Platz is within walking distance as well as a number of historic landmarks and many museums. Although they are very centrally located, the hostel has so much space around the outside that there is no chance for getting into trouble with any neighbours. That certainly makes guests and locals HAPPY!

For getting the maximum of HAPPINESS you have to climb up to the top of the hostel. Up there, they have a breakfast room and rooftop terrace that takes your breath away. Have a look for yourself:

Roof Top Terrace

Breakfastroom2         Breakfastroom

A really beautiful place to start into one’s day. While having breakfast you can watch from above all sights and places you later want to visit. Did we already mention the attribute ‘HAPPY’?

Something else we would like to mention is the way the HAPPY BED HOSTEL has decorated their floors. Therefore, they cooperated with a special Berlin company called “Berlintapete”. All six floors are designed differently and each shows a vast number of Berlin themes along the hallway. That’s a great idea and a very entertaining way through the hostel.


We love to ask hostels about special songs, a sort of “one and only” that’s connected to their hostel somehow. Well, in this case the answer was quite predictable in the first place: of course it is Pharrell Williams’ “HAPPY”! When the HAPPY BED HOSTEL have their teamevents – the latest one was a Karaoke show – this song is Playlist’s one and only :-). Perfectly right!

We also had a – or even better the HAPPY song on our lips when we were finally saying ‘Good-Bye’ and ‘Thank You Very Much’ to Jana, Andy and the entire HAPPY BED HOSTEL Team!
















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