Singer109 Hostel Berlin

Singer109 Hostel Berlin

Singer Str. 109 | 10179 Berlin – Mitte | +49 (0) 30 868 787 0


Singer109Where the districts Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg meet, there is the Singer109 Hostel Berlin. The grande Atrium is not only an absolute eye-catcher within the stylish brick building, it also creates a fantastic atmosphere flooded with light.

In addition to the great architecture there is a wonderful staff team taking cheap mlb jerseys care of everything else that is important to their guests. In particular there are Axel Kusch and Martin Sander, manager and owner of the Singer109 as well as their Ultra indispensable and long-term assistant Sophie. As soon as she gets a break, she loves making music and cheap jerseys plays the piano or the guitar. We suppose, the piano in the Atrium actually belongs to Sophie ♥.

Sander+Kusch  Sophie_250

Axel Kusch and Martin Sander both found their true passion in hostelling and the following expressions turn their enthusiasm into words:

“I still get these goose skinfeelings when our guests tell me how happy they are staying with us.”

“We wanted to create and run a hostel the way we would like to find one when we are travelling ourselves.”


Martin Sander_150 Martin Sander is an allrounder, studying medicine and architecture and working for many years as an interior designer in Berlin and Hamburg. After excursions into the world of marketing, web design and data protection he was ready for the lively hostel business and he loves it, even though it does not leave much time for hobbies. But as soon as there Website is a Jerseys time gap, he is on his way travelling. And if there is no time cheap jerseys left, Martin still feels like travelling because he loves to talk to the international Singer109 guests and thus goes on mental journeys to different countries every single day.


Axel-Kusch_150Axel Kusch came to Berlin in 1983 and he instantly fell in love with this city. Born in the former GDR near Halle / Leipzig he nowadays appreciates the liberty and freedom to make his very own decisions. To him coincidences are an important factor in life and he wants to give them a fair chance. wholesale jerseys On top of his apprenticeship as a carpenter he qualified as a building material inspector and used to work for many years in facility management for large construction companys. In his leisure time Axel does not only play football, he is also a true water-addict. Two years ago, he gained his motorboat driving license and he loves to load up his energy levels while fishing.



More impressions of the Singer109, founded in 2008 and working with ASSD Ho(s)tel Software ever since.

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