CITYSTAY Hostel Berlin

CITYSTAY Hostel Berlin

Face to Face with the CITYSTAY Hostel |  Rosenstrasse 16 | 10178 Berlin | +49 (0)30 23 62 40 31

citystay hostel berlin

citystay front 2

As time goes by … Exactly one year ago, in April 2016 I visited the CITYSTAY Hostel in Berlin to meet citystay’s manager Martin Fischer. The hostel is a cosy place right in the middle of our German capital . One could not stay more “in the middle”, you have got it all around: the famous Alexander Platz, the Museum Island, the Hackescher Markt, Rosenthaler Platz and loads of shops, cafes, bars etc. – everything within walking distance.

Fortunately, you are not in the middle of a city-typical traffic chaos at the same time as the Rosenstrasse 16 is part of a very quiet pedestrian zone, a huge advantage. This central location is perfect in every way!

A look at my pictures proves that April 2016 has been quite a weather friendly month in Berlin, at least that day. I well remember my excitement about citystay’s beautiful large courtyard and wished it was summer and open already. Because then the they do lovely barbecues in here. Look for yourself (and keep in mind that this place is in the heart of Berlin):

Citystay Hostel Innenhof    Citystay Innenhof2

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At one corner – my favourite one – there were lots of flowerpots and leavy leftovers of last year’s herbs and salads (it probably looks exactly the same right now in April 2017). Gardening equipment was already waiting for starting into the new season – with Martin Fischer. He was ready for it as he is a garden-lover with green thumbs and manages to grow that much that it covers the needs of the entire hostel kitchen. That is what I call pure urban gardening, organic on top. I would love to see the place in full bloom one day – I have to come back in summer!

Citystay Innenhof3

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If you go inside an open reception with joining bar and cool music are waiting for you. As well as a huge selection of beer. As far as I could see there is no German beertype NOT represented in the citystay. Even better, you get “FlessaBräu” here, that is tasty craft beer from a small Berlin brewery only 2 km from the hostel. As soon as you are in Berlin you have to taste Flessabräu, ideally in the citystay hostel, they have them all: Pilsener, Export, Weizen, ExtrAle and Mandarine.

citystay reception

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When I asked about the music (sort of rock-classic that day) I was told that the respective receptionist is also the disc jockey in charge for the day playing his own favourite music. This way you can listen to a vast variety of musical tastes during your citystay.

Speaking of music: as there is no distincitive hostel-song, I accidentally thought of one myself. It came to me when Martin Fischer told me that he has been in the hostel business for ages but before that, he used to be a chimney sweep. I was delighted as this is such a rare profession nowadays and I instantly thought of one of my favourite childhood films: Mary Poppins and the most wonderful chimney sweep Bert. In his song “Chim chim che-re” it goes in one place: “When you’re with a sweep you’re in glad company. Nowhere is there a more happier crew …” Well, that is just the same with the citystay hostel: you are in glad company, within a very happy crew!

Last but not least a few interior pictures from a citystay doubleroom and a citystay 6-bed-dorm:

citystay Doppelzimmer  Citystay 6-Bett-Zimmer

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And then, before you check out, don’t forget shaking hands with Martin Fischer as “good luck will rub off” when you shake hands with a chimney sweep – even if he has turned into a happy hostellier for far more than 10 years already :-).





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