Amstel House Hostel Berlin

Amstel House Hostel Berlin

Waldenserstrasse 31 | 10551 Berlin |  +49 (0) 30-395 40 72


You will find the Amstel House Hostel in the centre of Moabit, one of Berlins booming districts. Long known for its famous prison only, Moabit is now a soon-to-be-most-favourite-neighbourhood :-). Quite review right, as Moabit still represents a lot of what Berlin is known for, I would even guess that you will breathe true Berlin Air here (“die Berliner Luft” – very famous because of a song by Paul Lincke in 1904). Surrounded by water, Moabit is like an artificial island and therefore, at the beginning of the 19th century, it served as an ideal location for industrial companys to move their steel and heavy manufactures easily by ship. Due to this industrial Today background mixed with Dan a lot of aspects of modern days, Moabit appears with charming attributes as well as the necessary esprit. Have a look round, it is really worth it.

blog_moabitgrafikThis map on the right, produced by one of the “Amsteliers” (as the Amstel House employees are informally called – at least by me ;-)) gives you a perfect insight in the streets of Moabit. And it makes sure that you will most definitely find your way back to the Amstel House Hostel! Of course, if you do not care about one of the numerous sayings written on the backs of the Hostel chairs (see below) you won’t get lost in the first place!



blog_fernanda_thomeAnd voilà – to the left we have got highly talented Amstelier Fernanda Thome who created that fantastic Moabit Chart. She probably did so while practicing one of her favourite hobbies: taking long walks through Berlin. 3 years ago, she left Sao Paolo to work for the Amstel House Hostel where she takes care of most of the online activities like Social Media, the Hostel Blog and so on. Besides walking City around and discovering interesting new things, she loves the culture and the trendy bars and pubs in Berlin, but she wholesale nba jerseys misses Brasilian food and weather (most of us sympathise with that, I suppose).

blog_licht_bierFernanda is one of the four “Executive Board Members” – as their “CEO” 😉 would jokingly call the Head Amsteliers. The CEO (disliking this term, I am sure) is Alexander Licht (right wholesale nfl jerseys and below), who founded the hostel in 2005 after gaining several years of experience in the hostel business. He started off as a night porter to fund his studies of Fermentation Technologies. Yes, indeed, Mr. Licht is an expert in beer brewing and he is still very interested in the whole hops and malts business! I am deeply impressed, he is the first beer brewer I know personally. Here in Munich, the capital of beer, he would most certainly be München a man in demand!blog_licht_lacht

Nevertheless, Alexander Licht loves Administrations the never boring hostel scene as much as the fermentation business. Although it imposes a lot of challenges and even trouble sometimes. At the Amstel House, for instance, you need to talk (well, it is probably more a heavy discussion) to the “upper and lower conservation of monuments and historic buildings authorities” simply to fix a little sign at the exterior facade (a very nice one, indeed). True to the motto “who laughs last, laughs best”, the patient and compassionate hostellier has already faught and won many battles over the last few years.

blog_katrina_lehmannHere we have another one of the supporting management team: Berlin-born Katrina Lehmann (right), has started working for the Amstel House Hostel in 2009. She is head of the reception and reservations and is also looking after the housekeeping and purchasing – truly multioperational. That is anyway an attribute that makes the hostel business in general very interesting for many people working there. Back to Katrina: as a trained Bungou Event Manager, she is used to a stressful working life and she wouldn’t like to have it any other way. And Katrina knows where to get back her energy as well as peace and relaxation: while taking long walks with her beautiful dog, a “Bracke” (a special European Hunting Dog).

Last wholesale mlb jerseys but not least we get to know Amelie Reichelt (below), mainly responsible for the hostels group business and the contracting. At the left, she is just working with the ASSD Software – quite happily obviously :-). Although born in Germany, she used to live in Panama for 16 years – how fantastic is that! Thus, I was not a bit surprised when she named diving and watersports in general as her favourite hobbies. Well, I’m not sure, if anyone outside Germany knows Janosch and his wonderful story “Oh wie schön ist Panama” cheap jerseys – but it is the first thing coming to mind when we Germans hear of Panama (you might like to have a little look: Fact is: when I come accross Panama in future, I will now think of Janosch AND Amelie :-)!


Finally, we turn from the Amsteliers to their guests. Over the recent years, as mentioned above, they have left various sayings at the hostels chairs. A few to remember:


Not to forget about this:


“Explaining is only silver”. That’s why I will shut up Singer109 now, show you a few last pictures and then you can set out and see for yourself!

blog_reception blog_barblog_ende_küche


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