Jugendherberge München Park

Jugendherberge München Park

Miesingstr. 4 |  81379 München |  +49 (0) 89 7857677-0


Wegweiser_150Hawaii – Milano – Berlin – Rome – Moscow – the colorful art-tree in front of the YOUTH HOSTEL MUNICH PARK sets out a lot of alternative travel destinations. But one would and should not move on without having stayed at least a MANAGEMENT couple of days at this wonderful and spacious hostel itself. First of all, we would like to take you downstairs, where we were deeply impressed by a fantastic and really cool Munich Lounge. Very well done indeed – let´s party!

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rezeption_3paxThe staff at the Youth Hostel München Park is a great team. You feel it the moment they welcome you at the reception. Here you can see, from left to right, the manager or Herbergsleiter Andres Mayer, receptionist Gerald Stei and deputy manager Johannes Roempke.

Gerald Stei (MBA) did his national civil service at the Youth Hostel München Park. During his studies he always came back working for the Munich Park Hostel. Right now, after a view years working at a Swiss business consultancy, he is thinking about doing his doctorate in St. Gallen. Until he has finally made up his mind, he works for the Hostel again supporting his former collegues and recenzja friends. That truly indicates a very good working atmosphere and high job satisfaction.

softwareWe at ASSD like to believe that this follows from the fact that they are working with our wonderful software 😉 for more than 15 years. Find out for yourself …

Back to the deputy manager: Johannes Roempke came to the Munich Park Hostel almost one year ago. He moved to the South of Germany from the most northern federal state and that is Schleswig-Holstein. We are very Singer109 happy to hear wholesale NBA jerseys that he feels absolutely well in Munich and loves the food wholesale MLB jerseys here as well as cycling through the Bavarian countryside. By the way, we love the name of his native town “Glücksstadt” which means “City of happyness”. Isn´t that wonderful? Just the opposite of the authors birth place which is “Regen” meaning “rain”.

MA_CollageHere you are with a few more of that successful crew at the Munich Park Hostel. The young lady top left, italo-canadian Lucia Capretti will unfortunately leave the hostel for a trip to Nepal and India. That makes the team very sad as she is not only a fantastic collegue but also a multilingual communicator and good friend. Besides travelling, she loves cooking and doing sports like cycling and jogging.

Her collegue top right is almost a legend at the Youth Hostel Munich Park. Uwe Kästner is house technican at the hostel for far more than 10 years now. In 2009 there was an interesting interview with him in the Youth-Magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In addition to his great job he is one of Munichs Krautgärtner (herb gardener). Every year, he rents a piece of land at the green belt of Munich and there he grows potatoes, herbs, salads, carrots and many more vegetables. All truly organic of course. That´s how he lives completely in accordance with his principles. Moreover, he wants to become an alternative medicine healer, on top of his training as a hypnotist which he did 3 years ago. Wow!

At the Youth Hostel Munich Park Uwe Kästner is assisted by Renzo Zamorano (picture bottom right), another house technican, coming from as far away as Bolivia. To the bottom left you see Söme Zelita from Turkey. She works in the hostels housekeeping and in her spare time Liechtenstein she loves to explore Munich together with her 3 kids.

mayer_250Back again to the head of the team: Andres Mayer, manager of the Munich Park Hostel and responsible for the strong performance and the good sentiments within the crew. He has been in the hostel business for wholesale NBA jerseys around 17 years and runs the Munich Park for 6 years now, after a couple of years as deputy manager. Besides his almost round-the-clock-job he still finds enough time for his two sons and loves to swim or cycle. But he had to give up his time intensive former passion motorsports. He even participated in sidecar races for a few years. For reasons of security, his familiy might be quite happy that he stopped racing around with his motorbike and instead buzzing around the hostel very successfully :-)!

koch_200Buzzing around – that is certainly also true cheap NFL jerseys for the chef of the kitchen at the Munich Park Hostel, Monsieur Pierre Treudler. He and his crew provide a few hundred meals a day. Fabulous!

pizza_200  And the Hostel even offers a nice between-meals-treat in form of a Pizza Station. Great choice when the kitchen is already closed.



Finally, we would like to leave you with a few Bavarian expressions to be prepared for your visit at the Youth Hostel München Park. Once you are there, look out for the hearts and rhombus that have these expressions written on it.


A few more impressions of the social squares at the Youth Hostel Munich Park …

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