Face to Face with the HOSTELO Berlin 

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Hostelo Berlin

In Berlin, Wedding has not always to do with two people entering the knot. Here in Germany’s capital, Wedding is a long-established neighborhood which is nowadays part of the district Berlin Mitte. Here in Wedding, just opposite the large shopping center “Gesundbrunnen” you will find an almost brandnew hostel, it is the “HOSTELO Berlin”, opened in January 2015. The HOSTELO is located in a beautiful old building with quite an interesting history: In 1924 it was built as the clubhouse of the famous Berlin football club “Hertha BSC” and right next to Hertha’s football stadium “The Plumpe” (as it was called by the Berliners). Here in Wedding, the Hertha football team had their golden years before they moved to another Berlin district “Charlottenburg” in the 60s.

After the athletes had left and sold their old home in Wedding, the stadium was demolished in the 70s and the clubhouse expired more and more. In the 90s it was planned to build a sports hotel there but unfortunately the investor went bankrupt and the decay of the once beautiful clubhouse continued. But only until Ercan Ocac and his family saved the building and turned it into a very cosy hostel or in his words into “the pearl of Wedding”.

The locals are also quite happy that the neglected building is now shining with a new look and still the old charm. Even better news: the facelift activities are not at all finished yet. In August, there will be a brandnew boarding house with about 110 apartements right next to the hostel and in 2018 they will open a four-star-hotel at the same premises. The picture of the construction site shows what it all will look like in the end.

construction site

The interior of the hostel is dominated by art. You will find paintings by various Berlin artists everywhere. Here is an excerpt of some of the pictures by Klaus Zylla.

Painting by Klaus Zylla

Painting by Klaus Zylla

Painting by Klaus Zylla

A lot of the paintings are hanging in the lobby and the spacious restaurant:
Hostelo restaurant

The rooms are all very cosy and tastefully decorated:


Of course, they do have dorms and bunk beds at the HOSTELO as well. Once there was a lady in her 80s coming to the HOSTELO, asking for a bed in a dormitory. She didn’t mind the majority of young guests at all, neither the fact that they were even sharing the room with her. The only thing she was asking for was a bottom bunk bed so she didn’t have to climb upstairs. That is really cool! We will hopefully be as relaxed and fit as this wonderful lady when we reach our 80s.

But first of all, in the closer future, I will come back to the HOSTELO to inspect all the novelties. Until then I would like to say thank you especially to Mr. Kleda who showed me round the house and told me all the interesting facts and features :-).

Good bye and good luck with all reconstruction projects!

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