Mobile Housekeeping Feature in the ASSD PMS

Mobile Housekeeping Feature in the ASSD PMS

Provided with a Tablet or Smartphone, the housekeeping staff no longer has to call or go to the reception to inform about the status of the various rooms. They simply have to use the new mobile housekeeping feature in the ASSD PMS. It works like an App and provides the cleaning staff with a number of useful options. As soon as a room is ready for a new check-in they can give this room the attribute ‘cleaned’ or they inform about a problem for the in-house technicians to fix it.

Of course, this also works the other way round: the receptionist does not have to phone the housekeeping or in the worst case go and look for them. All the information is right there on the screen in the housekeeping tab of the ASSD PMS.

Available with the ASSD PMS version 2.12 in May 2016.

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