ASSD Teammeeting 2018

ASSD Teammeeting 2018

Last week,  the annual ASSD Teammeeting took place in Munich! We had a fantastic time full of fun, good food, activity and work in cooperative atmosphere. Even the sun was on our side, everything was simply wonderful.

Please have a look at our small photographic selection:


The almost complete ASSD Team. Only the photographer Pavel and Anna-Lena are missing. From left to right: Michaela, Claudia, Alexandra, Hristo, Thomas, Kevin, Evgeny, Andreas, Rumen, Petyo, Doncho, Alexander, Bistra, Pavel B., Hristina, Velislav, Plamen, Anna, Antonia, Mila.

ASSD team member Pavel

Here he is – Pavel – he took the team picture.

ASSD Team member Anna-Lena

Our Munich collegue Anna-Lena who joined us a little later.

View over the Olympic Park

The first evening we had diner at the Olympic Tower Restaurant 181, which allowed us a few hours with fascinating views over beautiful Munich.

The next day we did some collective work. Some of the ASSD teammembers held presentions or lectured on special topics like the techniques of Scrum or about neuro linguistic programming NLP.

ASSD Teammember Alexander presentating Scrum

Alexander is telling us about “Scrum”.

ASSD teammembers Hristina and Michaela

Hristina and Michaela demonstrating what NLP is all about (Bistra was lecturing about this interesting topic).

Afterwards we went back to the Olympic Parc where we did a fascinating rooftop walk on the tent roof of the Olympic Stadium. Even more fascinating and Adrenalin releasing was our exit of the roof as we came down by a 200 metres long Flying Fox which lead us accross the former football field.

Olympic Stadium and Parc Munich

The view during our roof top walk was simply breathtaking!

ASSD Teammember Rumen heading off with the Flying Fox

Rumen heading off with the Flying Fox accross the Olympic Stadium Munich!

The relaxing evening with roast pork and tasty Bavarian Beer at the famous Hofbräuhaus kept up our good spirits.

Hofbräuhaus München

Well deserved diner at the Hofbräuhaus. We already arrived very happy and a couple of hours later we left even happier!

We certainly all enjoyed our collective and cooperative days as well as our adventures and activities a lot and look forward to our teammeeting 2019!

Hofbräuhaus München

Cheers and Prost everybody!






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