Customer Relationship Management CRM

Customer Relationship Management CRM

ASSD PMS Feature: Customer Relationship Management CRM

Professional customer care goes far beyond the mere on-site service to guests staying at your ho(s)tel. It is a key marketing tool and the ASSD Customer Relationship Management CRM supports you perfectly in optimizing guest satisfaction, increasing turnover and reducing operational costs. Realize your full potential concerning customer relations!

Features of ASSD CRM:

  • Mailing campaigns easy to handle
  • Adequate archiving and perfect support in marketing campaigns
  • Easy management of potential customers
  • Convenient allocation of enquiries to different sales staff
  • Central customer base comprising either one or more hostels
  • Administrative options allow simple handling of various contact persons
  • Export of address data with varying attributes easily to choose
  • Wide range of statistical data per guest available
  • Perfect archiving of all customer communication
  • Definition and choice of individual features possible
  • Reservation history of all hostels

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