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This pages takes you to additional product information, documents, manuals and up-to-date downloads of the ASSD Hostel and Hotel Management Software . Important information about the installation process and user login: You need to register first. After you have registered you will receive your password within the next days via e-mail.

  • Installation Version 2.10 (demo expires 30 November 2016): The files are self-extracting zip files and run only under Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98. The setup program starts automatically.
  • Run and Login: After the installation you will find a program group ASSD in your Windows Start menu (Programs). Sign on to our program with user “30″ and password “30″. This version expires 30 November 2016  unless you buy it. Important note: After login to our program you will find some information screens first.

New Features

Current Versions

Installation: readme.txt (please click here)

  • Full Version 2.10: assd210e.exe (15 MB) (not customized, shows all features even usually not used simultaneously)
  • US Lite Version 2.10: us210.exe (16 MB) (customized version, meal plan and activities disabled, simple end of shift) User 10, Pw 10 (Staff), User 20 Pw 20 (Manager)

Important Update Notes (please read this): update.txt

User Manuals

User manual (included as help file above):

Legacy Updates

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